Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WoW! I'm tired....

Well, I've been working like crazy lately and haven't had much time for anything, but I really hope to accomplish some things this coming week. My son is at the in-laws, so I plan on painting some things. My hubby has a different idea, but hopefully I'll convince him to jump on the band wagon. Our kitchen is still boring, boring beige, as they say on the Imagination Movers and I'm so ready for a change. Our cabinets are an ugly oak wood and I want to freshen those up with a light color as well. I want to really clean out the house this week. I've been listing things like crazy on eBay and Craig's List because I just need them out of my way. Our attic is packed with toys, cake pans, books, and tons of other things that we will never use again, so it's time for it to go! I guess you could call this fall cleaning=) I've got to get back to work, but after tonight, it's vacation time, so I'll be signing on with some new projects soon. WOOT!

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